Zooming Ahead With JBM Auto: How Investors Gained 7,600% In Returns

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If you had invested ₹1 lakh in this stock, you could have made it into ₹77 lakhs! Investors gained 7,600% returns from this multibagger. Let’s have a quick peek at JBM Auto Ltd.

⚙️ Stock: JBM Auto


▪️ On July 2, 2007, JBM’s share prices closed at ₹5.95 apiece. The current market price of these shares is ₹419.

▪️ The company is in the automotive business that manufactures and sells sheet metal components, tools, dyes and moulds, including the sale of spare parts, accessories and maintenance contracts for buses.

▪️ It has given a return of 7601.07% in the last 15 years and 6641.43% returns in the last 10 years.

▪️ It has shown a good profit growth of 18.13% and revenue growth of 36.92% for the past 3 years.


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