The Jock of All Trades: Page Industries Yields 11,100% Returns

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Jockey’s parent company, Page Industries, has yielded astounding returns of more than 11,100% in the last 15 years. ₹1 lakh invested in Page Industries would have snowballed into ₹1,12,00,000 in these 15 years. Here’s a closer look at the company.

🩲 Stock: Page Industries


The Story Behind Page Industry’s Success

Jockey’s most famous product is its V-shaped brief underwear, which was launched in Chicago in 1935 and became a huge success. It started focusing more on women’s innerwear when it started its iconic ‘Jockey For Her’ campaign in 1982. The company aggressively promoted itself by getting endorsements from elite athletes like Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra and Jim Palmer. Jockey has always focused on the middle-class section of society all over the world as their dominant market and has also kept their prices competitive.

This worked wonders in countries like India, as many people entered the “middle-class” section because of an influx of new job opportunities due to the liberalisation reforms in 1991. Therefore, Jockey is seen as a symbol of the middle-class populace. The prices of their products range from ₹499 to ₹999. This also helped them fetch higher operating margins.


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