Scorching Profits: How Adani Green Turned Up The Heat With 6453% Returns

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Adani Green Energy is one of the latest multibaggers the Indian stock market has created over the past year. Will it keep up the momentum to become a 100x multibagger?

◾ Stock: Adani Green Energy


📈 Quick Stats

🍃 The stock has given 43% returns to investors in 2022. Annual returns are as high as 81%, boosting the share from ₹1068.70 to ₹1930.

🍃 In June 2018, the share’s average price was ₹29.45 apiece. It has since then given its investors 6453% returns over this 4-year time frame.

🍃 ₹1 lakh invested in Adani Green Energy 4 years ago would have turned into almost ₹65.5 lakhs today.

💰 What Made Adani Green A Multibagger For Its Investors?

☀️ Steady Annual Growth: In March 2022, the Indian government announced plans to raise renewable energy capacity to 500 Gigawatt by 2030. Renewable energy production capacity was roughly 10 GW in 2005, and it has expanded to around 100 GW by December 2021. That’s a 16.6% compound annual growth rate over 16 years.

☀️ Clear Vision: Adani Green aims to become the world’s largest renewable energy company by 2030 with a pioneering effort to help India’s transition to renewable power generation.

☀️ Futuristic Business: Investors were aware of the remarkable capacity of Adani Green and how it would bring a great amount of business to the firm, as green energy has become a futuristic business and is going to have massive growth due to the world’s energy-shifting speed.


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