Reliable Through And Through: How Reliance Industries Yielded 89,443% Returns

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If you had invested ₹1 lakh in Reliance in November 1995, you could have had ₹9.24 crores in profits today! This multibagger gave its investors returns of ₹8,94,43,872 and dividends of ₹30,23,338. Here’s a quick look at the company.

🛢️ Stock Name: Reliance Ltd.

⭐ About The Company
Reliance Industries had its humble beginning in 1973 as a polyester firm. When the founder Dhirubhai Ambani died without leaving a will, a conflict ensued between his sons, Mukesh and Anil Ambani in 2002. The conflict went down in history as one of the longest-running disputes, consisting of defamation cases and public bashing. Reliance Industries has made a mark for itself by becoming an important part of India’s economic fabric, excelling in retail, gas, petrochemicals and telecommunications.

🌍 Wide Reach
Reliance has established itself in such a way that every Indian consumer is a stakeholder. In 2022, Reliance Industries extended its footprint to more than 1000 cities and towns, making it the company with the most standalone branches. The company is the largest producer of polyester yarn in the world.

Despite Reliance Industries’ success in the retail sector with half a billion customers, its main source of income comes from refining and marketing hydrocarbons by catering to nearly 500 million customers. Jio, the telecommunications wing of the company has over 40 crore users.

The company has a workforce of 10,00,000 employees, directly and indirectly. , It has earned nearly ₹5,14,217 crores in revenue.

♻️ Sustainability
Mukesh Ambani announced a ₹75,000 crore investment plan for sustainable energy in 2021, by planning the manufacturing of solar and hydrogen batteries. Reliance Industries also locked a deal with the German retailer, METRO AG’s Cash & Carry to acquire its business for approximately ₹4,640 crores. Reliance Industries aims to double its value by the end of 2027. The company is currently valued at more than ₹17.55 lakh crores.

📃 Bonus Issue & Stock Splits
1995 | 4347 shares
1997 | Bonus issue in 1:1 ratio: 8,694 shares
2009 | Bonus issue in 1:1 ratio: 17,388 shares
2017 | Bonus issue in 1:1 ratio: 34,776 shares

💰 Stock Value
On November 9, 1995, the shares of the company were trading at ₹23, while they were priced at ₹2572 as of November 9, 2022.


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