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Home » Parle-G: How ‘Chai’s Best Friend’ Paved Its Way Into Indian Households

Parle-G: How ‘Chai’s Best Friend’ Paved Its Way Into Indian Households

A household name close to our hearts and tummies. The perfect accompaniment to chai for the masses and also an affordable source of nutrients and glucose for daily wage labourers.

In 2004, Parle-G rolled out the tagline: ‘G Mane Genius’ which is the perfect description of how Parle-G has run its business all these years. From clever advertisement campaigns to its pricing strategies, the signs of intellect have followed. Many factors cumulatively have added up and made them stand true to their tagline. Here are a few breakthrough moments which have been monumental for Parle-G:

💵 The Affordability Factor
The 100g pack costs just ₹5 which falls under the ‘₹100 per Kg’ category.
This makes them affordable enough to reach every corner of the country and target multiple segments in the market. Despite the looming Inflation and the low cost of margin, they have managed to keep the prices unchanged by cleverly manipulating the net quantity to keep the prices stable.

📺 Brand Identity
The iconic yellow packaging with the little girl has been a key identifying factor that has helped the brand stay relevant all these years. Powerful brand image and brand exposure through marketing campaigns like: ‘Common Man’ Wala Biskoot’, ‘G Maane Genius’ and ‘Aao Banaye Kal Ke Genius’ has been a successful catalyst to make people reminisce on their happy memories which in turn not only helped them acquire more customers but also retain them as loyal customers.

🤼‍♂️ Perseverance
A 2011 Nielsen survey reported that Parle-G is the best-selling brand of biscuits in the world. Nevertheless, things took a turn for worse as its sales began declining and the company started facing troubles. However, the pandemic acted as a blessing in disguise when people started stocking up their homes with supplies which Included the good old Parle-G as it brought back memories and reminded people of their childhood days. They also made their presence felt on Social Media and through commercials which really boosted their sales at an incredible rate!

🤝🏻 The Connect
While there are many quantitative factors that make a brand successful but for Parle-G it was beyond that. They were successful to create an emotional connection which has made Parle-G the brand it is today.

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