Natco Pharma: The Elixir That Yielded 18,072% Returns

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If you had invested ₹1 lakh in Natco Pharma way back in 2002, your profits would now have been a stunning ₹1.9 Crores. Here is a deeper look at the company.

💊 Stock Name: Natco Pharma Ltd.

🧪 About The Company
A pharmaceutical firm with a strong focus on R&D and vertical integration, Natco Pharma Ltd. creates, manufactures and markets final dosage formulations (FDF) and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

▪️ The company focuses mostly on high-end products and specialised therapeutic fields.

▪️ More than 40 nations are recipients of the company’s exports.

▪️ Natco sells its API products to customers in a variety of foreign markets, including Brazil, Europe, and the USA, but they are largely used for captive consumption in its FDF products.

📈 Growth Potential
Manufacturing difficult-to-make complicated generic pharmaceuticals, such as Para IV filings and FTF prospects, accounts for 51% of the company’s sales.

▪️ Although the USA is Natco’s main export destination, Canada and Brazil have recently become major buyers of the company’s sophisticated generic medications.

During Covid, Natco Pharma Ltd. had a rise in demand, which caused company share prices to soar.

▪️ On 1 August 2002, each share of the company was trading at ₹4.05, while the current market price is ₹736.10 as of 1 August 2022.


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