Penny Stock To Multibagger: How LSIL Yielded Unshakeable Returns of 300%

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A stock that zoomed 5% in a day, 20% in a week and 40% in 7 sessions! It has always remained in green and has managed to give 3x returns to every investor who counted on it. This penny-stock-turned-multibagger is none other than LSIL.

🏭 Stock Name: Lloyds Steels Industries Ltd.

🔩 About The Company
The company manufactures heavy equipment, machinery and systems for the hydrocarbon sector, oil & gas, steel plants, power plants, nuclear plant boilers and turnkey projects for industries.

💰 Price
Prices at just ₹2.90 on 2 July 2021, LSIL surged to ₹28.80 in January 2022, growing investors’ capital by 9-fold. But then, the stock was dragged down by 58% when the markets got trapped in the bear’s clutches.

⭐ Market Value
The current market value of the company stands at ₹1166 crores.

🌱 Growth Potential
▪️ Promotors have been consistently increasing their stake in the company since 2019. Currently, their shareholding stands at 57.65%.

▪️ For Q4FY22, the firm recorded its highest profit after tax of ₹5.95 crores and its highest ROE of ₹4.39 crores, the highest since 2018.

▪️ The company has provided steady profit growth of almost 40% CAGR over the last 5 years.


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