Leading The Way: How IHCL Gave Impressive Returns of 2447%

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If you had ₹1 lakh invested in Indian Hotels in October 2002, then you could have had ₹25 lakhs today in profits. This multibagger has given its investors 2447% returns in 20 years. Let’s take a closer look at the company.

🏨 Stock Name: Indian Hotels Co. Ltd.

☀️ The Genesis
Founded in 1903 by Jamsetji Tata and headquartered in Mumbai, Indian Hotels (IHCL) is one of Asia’s leading hotel chains with a long history in the hospitality sector. It is one of the oldest and most well-established hotel companies in India that has been operating for more than 100 years.

✈️ Domestic and Global Presence
The hospitality conglomerate has 196 hotels in 80 locations, spread over 12 countries across 4 continents. These luxurious hotels are located near prominent landmarks and tourist hotspots. In India, it has 162 restaurants and vacation clubs.

🛒 Other Activities
IHCL’s ancillary activities include taking ownership, managing & operating chains of hotels, resorts and palaces. The hotel empire also hosts various cultural and social events, including conferences, seminars, workshops etc.

🤝 Commitment To Service
IHCL is a company committed to delivering best-in-class hospitality experiences at affordable rates. The company and its subsidiaries’ image is defined by the various brands it parents, like The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, for example.

🛎️ Ahvaan 2025
As part of the company’s ‘Ahvaan 2025’ vision, Indian Hotels plans to open 100 more hotels, expanding their Taj and Vivanta branches. The vision includes foraying into the northeastern region of India as it has not been tapped into before. The company is planning to set its footing in Diu and Lakshadweep as well.

💰 Stock Value
On October 14, 2002, the shares of the company were trading at ₹12.45, while they were priced at ₹317.15 as of October 13, 2022.


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