Smoking Hot Profits With ITC: ₹5.76 Cr In Dividends Alone

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$ITC, a multibagger that would’ve grown your ₹1 lakh to ₹8.59 crores 💰

🏭 A company established by the British and has 0% promoter holdings.

🏨 Owns the third-largest hotel chain in India.

📊 Is the 9th largest company as per market capitalisation, with a consistent ranking on the Fortune India 500 list.

🚬 Has a massively widespread FMCG presence in the Indian market, with tobacco as the major cash cow for this company.

A stock that needs no introduction, ITC!

If an investor had put in ₹100,000 in ITC at ₹19.5/share in August 2002, they would have received 5012 shares, which after bonuses and splits would have become a total of 9,02,160 shares today—the total value of it today would be 9,02,160 * ₹313 = ₹2,82,51,380.

That’s not all! How can one forget ITC’s dividend? Check the image below to understand how ITC would have turned ₹1,00,000 into ₹5.76 crores by dividends alone.

👇🏽 To sum it up;
The returns to date + dividends
i.e., ₹2,82,51,380 + ₹5,76,40,506 = ₹8,58,91,886
So, upon the investment of ₹1 lakh in August 2002, the stock would have yielded ₹8.59 crores today!

In other words, ITC is a money-minting machine that runs on the power of compounding, the 8th world wonder!

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