How Snapchat Captures Success? : Filters, Funds And Futuristic Feats!

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Snapchat, the renowned instant messaging app recognised for its ephemeral photos and videos, has garnered significant popularity, especially among Generation Z users. With captivating features like snap streaks and trending filters, Snapchat has firmly established itself as a preferred platform. But how does Snapchat, initially perceived as a leisure app, effectively generate revenue and sustain its operations?
Let’s find out.

🪄Self-Service Advertising
A cornerstone of Snapchat’s revenue model is self-service advertising. The platform offers advertisers direct access through its Ad Manager tool. Advertisers can opt for payment based on every 1,000 impressions or set bid goals for better cost control. Remarkably, the minimum daily ad spend is just £5, often ranging from £1 to £3 per bid. The focal point of these campaigns is to entice users to download promoted apps following the viewing of tailored video and image ads.

🔎Direct Purchase Advertising
Snapchat presents two primary avenues for advertisers to secure advertising space directly: SnapAds and Sponsored Lenses.
SnapAds enables the creation of video campaigns with a minimum monthly budget of £3,000, signifying a serious commitment from advertisers. Sponsored Lenses, which embellish countless daily snaps, exhibit varying costs based on the day of the week:

Sunday to Thursday: £450,000 per day
Friday and Saturday: £500,000 per day
Special events and holidays: £700,000 per day
A supplementary advertising avenue is presented through Discovery Ads. This avenue empowers brands to occupy tiles within Snapchat’s Discovery section. These ad tiles, when activated, present a collection of 1 to 20 images or videos. Entry into this domain involves an initial cost of approximately £50,000 per day.

📊Future Revenue Streams
Snapchat’s strategic outlook includes the exploration of innovative revenue streams. A testament to this is the recent launch of augmented reality glasses, with the aspiration of transitioning them into a mainstream revenue source. By continually pursuing such ventures, Snapchat aims to achieve a revenue target of £6 billion by 2023.

🟩 Conclusive Reflections
Snapchat’s revenue generation is intricately woven through the tapestry of self-service advertising and direct purchase avenues. By offering advertisers a comprehensive toolkit to effectively reach their intended audience, Snapchat stays adaptive in the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. With an unyielding commitment to innovation and a proactive approach to market shifts, Snapchat persists as a robust contender in the dynamic digital arena.


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