How Shein Lost Its Sheen To Flawed Ethical Standards

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Shein, the online fast-fashion retailer, has gained immense popularity recently, thanks to its trendy clothing and affordable prices. However, the company has been facing flak due to various controversies.

One of the many reasons behind Shein’s downfall is its unscrupulous business practices. The company has been accused of plagiarising designs from independent artists and small businesses without permission or compensation. The issue gained traction when a TikTok video went viral, showcasing various independent designers’ designs next to Shein’s identical dresses. The video sparked outrage among the creative community and led to Shein being called out for its fraudulent practices.

🧑🏽‍🏭 Unfair Labour
Shein’s questionable labour practices have also contributed to its ousting. The company has been blamed for using sweatshops in countries like Bangladesh and India, where workers are paid low wages and forced to work in hazardous conditions. These allegations have called for better labour standards and worker protection laws.

🍃 Harsh On Environment
The brand has also faced criticism for its impact on the environment. The company’s fast-fashion business model promotes overconsumption, leading to significant waste and pollution. It has been accused of using unsustainable materials in its products, contributing to the fashion industry’s overall negative environmental impact.

📞 Poor Customer Service
The company has been criticised for its poor customer service as well, with customers reporting difficulty reaching the company and receiving unsatisfactory resolutions to their problems. Furthermore, Shein has been accused of misleading buyers with its product descriptions and sizes.

These issues have led to a significant decline in Shein’s reputation and sales. The company has faced backlash on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, with many users urging others to boycott the company. Shein’s rating on consumer review websites like Trustpilot has also taken a hit, with many customers slamming the company with their bitter experiences.

☀️ Making Changes
In response to the criticism, Shein has tried to improve its practices. The company has pledged to be more transparent about its labour practices and work towards sustainable and ethical fashion. However, many remain sceptical of these efforts and view them as insufficient to address the larger issues.

The company’s reputation has taken a significant plunge in recent months, and it remains to be seen if it can regain the trust of its customers and the broader fashion community.


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