Finest Of Profits: How Fineotex Chemical Yielded 3089% Returns

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If you had ₹1 lakh invested in Fineotex Chemical in December 2012, you could have had ₹31.89 lakhs today! This multibagger has given its investors 3089% returns. Here’s a quick glance at the company.

🧪 Stock Name: Fineotex Chemical Ltd.

⭐ About The Company
Established in the year 1979, Fineotex Chemicals Limited deals with a range of speciality chemicals and enzymes for multi-industrial purposes as a key manufacturer and seller. Founded by Surendra Tibrewala and headquartered in Mumbai, the company was incorporated as a private limited company in 2004. In 2007, it was converted to a public limited company which was promoted by the Tibrewala Family.

Employing a workforce of more than 350 employees, Fineotex Chemicals deals with the manufacture of nearly 450 speciality chemicals for a variety of industries including textiles, home care, mining, paint, leather and construction.

🏃🏼‍♂️ Leading Manufacturer
The company is among India’s Top 1000 Companies by the National Stock Exchange of India. It has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in prominent parts of Maharashtra, including Navi Mumbai and Ambernath. On the international front, Fineotex Chemicals has established a subsidiary in Malaysia with a manufacturing unit in Selangor. The company has established an international network with export and manufacturing connections in 69 countries across the world.

💵 Revenues
The company earned a revenue of ₹76 crores in the September quarter. Subsequently, the company earned a profit of ₹12 crores in the same quarter. The company is nearly debt-free.

💰 Stock Value
On December 3, 2012, the company’s shares were trading at ₹9.90, while they were priced at ₹315.80 as of December 2, 2022.


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