Fiery Profits: How Phoenix Mills Rose Up With 2360% Returns

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If you had ₹1 lakh invested in Phoenix Mills in December 2008, you could have had ₹24.60 lakhs today! This multibagger has given its investors 2360% returns. Here’s a sneak peek at the company.

🏢 Stock Name: Phoenix Mills Ltd.

⭐ About The Company
Established in 1905, Phoenix Mills is a market leader in the retail mall space. The company started as a cotton textile company. It entered the real estate sector in 1987 when the industry started gaining traction in prominent locations across the country. Today, Phoenix Mills has carved a real estate niche for itself in retail, residential, commercial and hospitality.

The company’s projects include:
🏢 9 large-scale retail malls in 6 cities
🏢 5 commercial properties in Mumbai and Pune
🏢 2 hotels in Mumbai and Agra
🏢 2 premium residential buildings in Bangalore

📊 Real Estate Giant
The company has roughly around 158 acres under its management. Its portfolio comprises nearly 30 acres of commercial outlets and 79 acres of residential buildings. Additionally, the company’s hotels have an average occupancy of 71%.

Some of the well-known establishments by the conglomerate include:
🌃 Phoenix Marketcity in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore
🌃 The Centrium, Mumbai
🌃 St Regis, Mumbai
🌃 Courtyard by Marriot, Agra
🌃 Phoenix One Bangalore West

As part of its expansion plans, the company aims to have 5 additional retail spaces by 2025 in Indore, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Kolkata which is expected to cost ₹5,300 crores.

💰 Stock Value
On December 03, 2008, the company’s shares were trading at ₹60.65, while they were priced at ₹1492.25 as of December 02, 2022.


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