Fertile Grounds For Growth: How Bharat Rasayan Grew ₹1 L to ₹4.28 Cr

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If you had invested ₹1 lakh in Bharat Rasayan 20 years ago, then you would have ended up with ₹4.28 crores today! This pesticide mulibagger gave immense returns of 41,806%. Here is a quick peek into the company.

⚗️ Stock: Bharat Rasayan Ltd.


👣 The Beginning

The company was incorporated as a public limited company on May 15, 1989. It is involved in manufacturing pesticides, pesticide formulations and their derivatives. Bharat Rasayan’s product basket consists of Metaphenoxy Benzaldehyde, Fenvalerate Cypermethrin, Ethyl Ester and Isoproturon. The company came out with a public issue in February 1993 to raise funds to expand its existing capacity and add more manufacturing plants under its wing.

🔎 Specialty Focus

Bharat Rasayan caters to all pest problems of major crops grown in India, including paddy, cotton, soybean, sugarcane and other crops. The clientele of the company includes Searle Arlabs United Phosphorous and Ankur Chemicals. They have a strong presence in East Asia, South America, Europe and the Middle East.

🌱 Growth Factors

▪️ The company not only gives enormous returns to its investors but also consistently pays dividends to its shareholders.

▪️ They have shown good profit growth and the company is virtually debt-free.

▪️ In Jan 2021, the company bought back its equity shares, which caused share prices to rally.

▪️ In 2022, due to the Russia-Ukraine war, shares of fertiliser companies shot up on account of supply shortages and high energy prices. Share prices of Bharat Rasayan were positively impacted by this.

▪️ On July 30 2002, the price of each share of Bharat Rasayan was trading at ₹28.85 and now they have risen to a massive ₹12,090 as of July 28, 2022.


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