Feasting On Profits: How Daawat Yielded 2214% Returns

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If you had β‚Ή1 lakh invested in Daawat in September 2012, then you could have had β‚Ή29.9 lakhs today. This multibagger has given its investors β‚Ή22,14,000 in profits and β‚Ή7,76,029 in dividends. Here’s a closer look at the company.

🌾 Stock Name: L T Foods Ltd.

⭐ About The Company
70 years ago, a seed was sown and LT Foods is reaping the harvest to date. In the year 1978, Vijay Kumar Arora started a small venture in the village of Amritsar and today it is the leading processor of rice and other speciality foods in India and across the globe.

πŸ€” What Does It Do?
It is engaged in milling, processing and marketing branded and unbranded basmati rice and related food products for the domestic and international markets. It also does research and development activities.

🧺 Product Portfolio
Its rice product portfolio includes:
🍚 White rice
🍚 Steamed rice
🍚 Brown rice
🍚 Parboiled rice
🍚 Quick cooking rice
🍚 Organic rice
🍚 Value-added rice
🍚 Flavoured rice

Its subsidiary, Nature Bio Foods Limited drives the ingredient-based organic food segment. It has become a reputable brand, providing consumers in the US and European markets with authentic organic ingredients.

It owns several rice brands like:
🍚 Daawat
🍚 Royal
🍚 Heritage
🍚 Devaaya
🍚 Gold Seal Indus Valley
🍚 817 Elephant

Its primary brands, Royal and Daawat are the leaders in the basmati rice market of India and the US.

πŸ“° Recent Developments:
🍚 In May 2020, Saudi Agricultural & Livestock Investment Company (SALIC) acquired a 30% stake in the company’s subsidiary, Daawat Foods Ltd. at a valuation of $17 Million.

🍚 LT Foods is also the leading partner of Sustainable Rice Platform, a UN Environment and International Rice Research Institute initiative, making it among the best rice-growing companies as per the Sustainable Rice Platform standards.

πŸ’° Stock Value
On September 20, 2012, the shares of the company were trading at β‚Ή4.80, while they were priced at β‚Ή111.10 as of September 19, 2022.

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