Defending Profits: How BEL Yielded 64,628% Returns

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If you had invested ₹1 lakh in BEL in October 2002, you could have had ₹8.7 crores in profits today! This multibagger grew by 646x and gave its investors returns of ₹6,46,28,437 and dividends of ₹2,23,47,500. Here’s a quick look at the company.

⚡ Stock Name: Bharat Electronics Ltd.

🌱 About The Company
In 1954, BEL was set up in association with CSF, France (now Thales), to meet specialised electronic equipment requirements and manufacture basic communication equipment for the Indian Defence Services.

It produces a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment in the fields of:
💡 Defence Communication
💡 Radars
💡 Naval Systems
💡 Weapon Systems
💡 Homeland Security
💡 Telecom & Broadcast Systems
💡 Electronic Warfare
💡 Tank Electronics
💡 Electro-Optics
💡 Professional Electronic Components
💡 Solar Photovoltaic Systems

BEL also provides turnkey system solutions, while civilian products from BEL include:
🔌 Electronic Voting Machines
🔌 Tablet PC
🔌 Solar-Powered Traffic Signal Systems
🔌 Access Control Systems

🔎 Emphasis on R&D
BEL has about nine factories and several regional offices in India and has been laying great emphasis on research and development from its early years. It has also been able to successfully partner as a production agency with many DRDO labs.

📈 Stock Value
📅 On 14 September 2015, Bonus in the ratio of 2:1 (62500 x 3)
📅 On 28 September 2017, Bonus in the ratio of 1:10 (187500 x 1.1)
📅 On 15 September 2022, Bonus in the ratio of 2:1 (206250 x 3)

The effective number of shares went from 62,500 to 6,18,750

On October 11, 2002, the shares of the company were trading at ₹1.60, while they were priced at ₹104.45 as of October 10, 2022.


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