CONCOR: A Multibagger That Conquered 2248% Returns

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If you invested ₹1 lakh in CONCOR in September 2002, you could have made ₹2.34 crores today! This multibagger gave its investors 2248% returns with ₹2,09,27,666 in profits and ₹25,93,066 in dividends. Here’s a quick peek at the company.

📦 Stock Name: Container Corporation Of India Ltd.

🌱 About the Company
Container Corporation of India (CONCOR) is in the business of providing inland transportation of containers by rail.
It also covers:
🛳️ Management of ports
🛫 Air cargo complexes
🧊 Providing cold storage transportation solutions for perishable items

Through the Ministry of Railways, the Government of India holds a 54.8% stake in the company and is looking to offload nearly 30.8% of its stake in the company to a strategic investor.

🔎 Services
📤 Carrier: The railways are the mainstay of the company’s transportation plans & strategy.

👩🏼‍💻 Terminal Operator: Its terminals provide solutions related to warehousing, container parking, repair facilities and office complexes.

📦 Container Freight Station Operator: CONCOR adds value to the logistics chain by offering services like Transit & Bonded warehousing, which enables importers to store cargo and make partial deliveries.

🗝️ Key Developments
📱 Has developed the ‘First Mile Last Mile’ app to provide end-to-end logistics support to its customers. The app’s purpose is to provide connectivity at reasonable rates to customers through competitive bidding among vendors at the terminal level.

📱 Has developed an E-filing software for its EXIM (export-import) locations. The terminals provide a platform to file documents and carry out commercial transactions.

🪓 Splits and Bonuses
Since September 2002, 3361 shares have turned into 31,275 shares as of September 2022. This was possible because of 4 bonus share issues and 1 stock split.

💰 Stock Value
On September 6, 2002, the shares of the company were trading at ₹29.75, they were trading at ₹669.15 as of September 5, 2022.


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