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boAt the GoAt: The Secret Behind India’s ‘Dopest’ Audio Brand

When it comes to electronic gadgets, most Indians usually put their faith in global brands. But then came BoAt, a valiant company started by Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta that made the unlikely possible. This is a tidbit about some of the decisions BoAt took that changed its brand image for good.
Many doubted and rejected BoAt, claiming that its products already existed in the market and that it had too many competitors to succeed. Nevertheless, BoAt went on to prove everyone wrong as soon as they took decisions that others were just too afraid to take. BoAt, with its outspoken courage, managed to hit just the right chords with its audience.

⚡Marketing Genius
BoAt hit the bull’s eye in many areas, but what stood out the most was their marketing positioning masterclass. Despite having some decent competitors such as Noise, Mivi and Skullcandy, the brand succeeded because of its marketing and the familiarity that it created with people through its ads.
Ads starring cricketers like Hardik Pandya, Rishabh Pant and even Bollywood stars like Kiara Advani and Karthik Aaryan helped BoAt stand out from the crowd and more importantly, created a premium image for the brand.
Another aspect that BoAt hit out of the park was that they initially hired young interns and employees for their marketing, those who were familiar with the youth’s preferences and lingo. Their clever marketing on various social media platforms was able to connect with the youth and leave an impact on their minds.

⚔️ BoAtheads’ Assemble
From its initial days, BoAt tried to execute its idea to establish itself as a lifestyle brand and not just another brand that sells electronic gadgets. It also made a successful attempt to instil a sense of belongingness among its customers and coined a term that refers to BoAt’s users as ‘BoAtheads’.
Another factor they firmly believed in was understanding their customer’s demands and considered their fulfilment a key to success.

💸 Pricing Point
BoAt noticed a price point that was slightly missing in the market and started selling their products at those affordable-logical prices that are not too cheap as well because they didn’t want people to perceive them as an inferior brand. A customer always seeks good quality products at reasonable prices and while its brand value made people perceive them as quality products, the economical prices sealed the deal for BoAt.

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