Balaji Amines’ Equation to Success: 7,252% Returns in 10 Years

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If you had invested ₹1 lakh in Balaji Amines, you could have had ₹73 lakhs today! This speciality chemical multibagger has skyrocketing returns of 7252% in 10 years. Here’s a peek at

⚗️ Stock: Balaji Amines


🧪 About The Company
Balaji Amines specialises in manufacturing methylamines, ethylamines, derivatives of speciality chemicals and pharma excipients.

It shares a duopoly with Alkyl Amines Chemicals and is one of the largest manufacturers of aliphatic amines in India. Duopolies exist when there is a mutual understanding between companies on how pricing and market shares are determined.

Balaji Amines commenced the manufacture of methylamines in the year 1989 and subsequently added facilities for the manufacture of ethylamines and other derivatives of methylamines and ethylamines.

🔍 The Covid Spike
This company benefited from the closure of Chinese chemical companies, especially amine producers post-Covid. Balaji Amines is also a leading player and the largest manufacturer of aliphatic amines in India.

📈 Growth Potential
▪️ Has reflected good profit growth of 26.98% and revenue growth of 26.40% for the past 3 years.

▪️ Has significantly decreased its debt by ₹102.36 crores.

▪️ Has been maintaining healthy ROE of 25.80% and ROCE of 34.01% over the past 3 years.

▪️ Has a high promoter holding of 53.70%.


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