Aegis Ages Like Fine Wine With Massive Returns of 66,850%

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If you had invested ₹1 lakh in Aegis Logistics 22 years ago, then you would have ended up with ₹6.7 crores today! Here are some more insights into the company.

⚗️ Stock: Aegis Logistics Ltd.


🧪 About the Company

The company was incorporated in 1956 to manufacture formaldehyde, hexamine, pentaerythritol, fatty alcohols and polyacetal resins. It was earlier known by the name ‘Atul Drug House’ and it first started manufacturing chemicals in 1967. Around 1996–1997, the company entered the logistics industry and in 2005, it changed its domain to oil & gas.

🌟 Expertise:

The logistics for oil & gas is dominated by Aegis. The company offers a variety of services like;

📦 Product Sourcing

🏬 Storage

🛻 Road transportation

🛥️ Jetty Operations

♻️ Integrated Supply Chain Management.

It also imports, markets and disperses liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and bulk propane to a variety of industrial clients in the steel, ceramics, glass and pharmaceutical industries.

💵 Stock Value

The stock was trading at around ₹0.40 on 4th August 2000. 22 years later, the share price shot up to ₹267.80 as of 4th August 2022.


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