A Pro With Profits: How Xpro Pulled In 2,265% Returns

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Investors made ₹23.6 L from ₹1 L with this multibagger. It yielded 2,265% returns in the last 5 years! Let’s take a quick look at the company.

💰 Stock: Xpro India Ltd.

📦 About The Company
Xpro India Ltd. is engaged mainly in the business of polymer processing at multiple locations and is a leading manufacturer of coextruded plastic films, thermoformed liners and speciality films (including dielectric films and special-purpose BOPP films) in India. The company is under the umbrella of the Birla Group and has its roots in Kolkata.

📦 Pricing
The stock is growing steadily and has given 301.29% returns since July 22 2021. Over the last 5 years, it has gained a whopping 2,264.61% returns, taking the share prices from ₹33.20 (as of 28 July 2017) to ₹787.45 (as of 21 July 2022).

📦 Revenue Breakup
▪️ Coex Division (76%): Coextruded sheets, thermoformed refrigerator liners and co-extruded cast films

▪️ Biax Division (24%): Co-extruded biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films and dielectric films

📦 Growth Potential
▪️ Has less debt
▪️ Is expected to give a good quarter
▪️ Has delivered good profit growth of 41.50% CAGR over the last 5 years
▪️ Quarterly Net Profit is at ₹17.46 cr in March 2022, up by 80.99% from ₹9.64 cr in March 2021


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