A Matter of Pride: How Prestige Served Up Returns of 61,522.38%

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If you had invested ₹1 lakh in TTK Prestige 20 years ago, then you could have had ₹6.15 crores in profits, with a thriving dividend of ₹4.98 crores.

🍳 Stock: TTK Prestige Ltd.


🌱 The Roots

T.T. Krishnamachari established the distribution of a broad range of goods, including food and personal care items, when he launched the TTK Group in 1928. TTK went public in 1994 after being founded in 1955 as a private limited business known as TTK Prestige. The company is the biggest cookware manufacturer in India and has been particularly noted in the pressure cooker market. The company also partnered with high-end cookware, stoneware, water filters and gas-top manufacturers in 2012.

⚡ Dominant Brand Position

TTK Prestige Ltd. is the number one brand in the following segments;

◾ Pressure Cookers

◾ Cookware

◾ Value-Added Gas Stoves

◾ Induction Cooktops

◾ Rice Cookers

It is also India’s only company to offer a complete induction cooking solution.

💰 Revenue Mix

◾ 31% Pressure Cookers

◾ 15% Cookware

◾ 14% Gas Stoves

◾ 12% Mixer-Grinders

Various home and kitchen appliances, as well as cleaning supplies, make up for the remaining income and 98% of their income comes from domestic sales.

🏬 Distribution Network

In more than 305 locations, the business has around 545 Prestige Xclusive outlets and 350+ authorised service centres and 24 regional sales centres. There were 588 outlets as of FY20. 26 states and 345 towns are presently covered by the network. In Bengaluru, the business launched two Prestige Lifestyle Stores during FY20. The business operates five cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in Hosur, Coimbatore, Karjan, Roorkee and Khardi. It also has two separate centres for research and development.

🍚 New Launches

◾Introduced a cutting-edge and revolutionary line of pressure cookers under the Svachh platform.

◾Making headway in a new category of cleaning solutions.

◾Introduced 146 SKUs and they plan to introduce 100 additional SKUs.

◾Introduced stainless steel casseroles, available in two varieties, Royale and Prime and provided a total of 7 SKUs in various sizes at the launch.

On August 7, 2002, the shares of the company were trading at ₹1.43, while they were priced at ₹881.2 as of August 8, 2022.


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